I built a conference table for Gary Vaynerchuck!

modern builds: s.02 Ep.29

Over the past few months I’ve been experimenting with plate steel a lot. I’ve used it to create coffee table bases, all the way to pour over coffee stations, this is by far the largest of those. I ran into a couple of complications with this base, with it being so large. I thought that If i used 1/4” thick plate, I would be able to make the main structure of the base without adding any supports, and that would be strong enough. What I found was that over such a long length, even 1/4” thick plate wobbles and bends pretty easily, so I added a spine along the stretcher and a support bar along the legs. This was a cool learning experience and a great way to cap off all of the plate steel projects I had been working on leading up to this experimenting and becoming familiar with it.

I got the chance to meet Gary V and his team in NY and chatted briefly about what kind of table they wanted for their new LA space and the one thing they stressed was space and having something unique. The new LA space is light, airy and has a lot of free-flowing space which could fit a large table. When I announced I would be working on this table, the guys at Urbn Timber in Columbus, OH offered to supply the slabs and help make the top for the table, so I hopped on a flight and made the top!

This video is sponsored by Bernzomatic and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be a part of their “Torch Bearers” program where I’ll be using Bernzomatic torches and tools to create unique projects that show off their versatilely. In this project I used the Micro Torch to raise the air bubbles in the fresh-[poured epoxy to the surface so that they would pop and not be visible once the epoxy cured. To find out more follow the link here: https://bit.ly/2O3rTJi

Thanks for watching, the majority of the information for this build is in the video, check it out and if you want to build something similar and have questions, shoot me an email or DM on instagram @modernbuilds

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