DIY garage shelves / workbench

modern builds: s.02 Ep.21

A good system for organization in your garage is crucial in keeping it from getting cluttered and overwhelming. I designed a super-simple, easy to build solution that ONLY uses 2x'4's and 1/2" particle board. The system is super versatile and can be scaled to fit any size space. 

Materials and supplies

1/2" Particle Board - 5 Sheets

2x4's, 8 foot - 28 Boards

2 1/2" Deck Screws (Star Head) -

3" Deck Screws (Star Head) -

Miter Saw -

Circular Saw -

Drill / Impact Driver -

1" Polystyrene Insulation for Cutting Mat -

Cut List:

96" (2x4's) - 14

48" (2x4's) - 8

27" (2x4's) - 29

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