modern builds: s.02 Ep.40

This week on Modern Builds, I’m taking basic, 4 foot Amazon shop lights and using common materials to turn them into modern, functional pendant light fixtures that have major WOW factor. I used metal stucco corner mesh pieces to create a wire metal shade and a pine dowel to help balance the piece and introduce a more natural element to the piece(s). To round it all out, I used 3/8” paracord to cover the start white power cords so that they match the wire cage over the light. Check out the video above and the list of materials below. :)

Stuff I used:

4’ Shop lights (The Bright One’s I Used):

4’ Shop Lights (Dimmer for in Home Use:):

Wire Stucco Corner Mesh:

3/8” Paracord (Olive Green):

3/8” Paracord (Safety Orange):

Pliers I Used:

1/16”Galvanized Wire (Uncoated):

Ferrules and Caps:

1 1/4” Pine Dowel:

Simple Finish:

Heat Shrink:

Gorilla Micro-Precise:


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