DIY full-sized platform bed

modern builds: s.02 Ep.18

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DIY Plywood Bed Modern Builds
DIY Platform Bed Modern Builds

I've built a couple of beds recently. The first was made out of plywood and featured a lot of pocket holes. After that build I wanted to balance it out with a project that didn't use either of those. I picked up some 1x2's, 1x4's, and 2x2's from home depot and built a simple, full sized bed that can be stained to match many different interior styles.

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if you plan on building the bved for a different size mattress, just google the standard mattress dimension for what you have and adjust the dimensions from there. Thanks!

Materials and supplies:



Wood Glue:


Pocket Hole Drill Bit:

Cut List:


Parts List Platform Bed Modern Builds.jpg

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