how to build a hardwood dining table with limited tools

modern builds: s.02 Ep.30

While I was in California working on my previous project, a conference table for Gary Vaynerchuck, I got an email from someone local to me back home in Oklahoma City. They had bought some pre-fabricated metal legs off of Etsy and had intended to build a top for them, but never got around to doing it. They wanted a light colored wood that would look great for years to come.

You’ll see in the video that I went to my local hardwood dealer and picked up some 1.75” thick White Oak to build everything out of. If you’ve never built a table before, I highly recommend watching the video before you do. If you have any questions about this build, feel free to shoot me an email or DM on Instagram: @modernbuilds. Links to all the products I used are in the video description on Youtube:

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