The “Life’s Adventure Kit” from Nite Ize is full of useful gear that can be used all around the shop to keep things organized. Below, I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite products in the kit and how I used them in my workflow. To learn more about which Life’s Adventure Kit is right for you click here.


Gear Ties come in all shapes and sizes to fit whatever task is at hand. These Loopable Gear Ties are great for securing odd shaped items (like copper pipe) together in the bed of the truck. Gear Ties are available in sizes all the way up to 64” for securing some serious loads. I’m happy to report that they’ve got a permanent home in the tackle box of my truck along with my tow strap and jumper cables. What would you use Loopable Gear Ties for?

Loopable Gear Ties Nite Ize

Of course Loopable Gear Ties are awesome, but sometimes simple is better; that's when I reach for my Gear Tie reusable twist ties. Let’s face it... storing corded power tools can be a headache. On my tool shelf there are a lot of different power tools, with irregularly long cords that can often lead to my tool shelf becoming a tangled mess of power cords for circular saws, angle grinders, sanders, and more. Original Gear Ties make sorting and organizing tools and machines a breeze.


This little gadget might be my favorite of the whole group, it’s not a part of the Life’s Adventure Kit, but it is one of Nite Ize’s most unique products. The Doohickey is a combination multi-tool carabiner that is useful in more ways than one. For as long as I’ve been driving I’ve had a carabiner hooked onto my keys for easy access and for latching on my belt loop… little did I know what I've been missing this whole time. The Doohickey functions as a micro ruler (which came in handy more often than I expected), a flat head screw driver, 1/4”, 5/16”, & 3/8” wrenches, a box cutter, and most importantly: a bottle opener.

Fixing odds - and - ends just got more convenient!!

These are some of my favorite Nite Ize products, but the Life’s Adventure Kit has so many awesome products I didn’t have time to feature: Things like Gear Ties (obviously), the Dual Carabiner, Tactical LED Flashlight, LED Headlamp, and more. Be sure to follow the links below to check them all out!

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