modern builds: s.02 Ep.23

This portable miter saw set up is a great way to cut long 2x4's and trim without worrying about your offcuts being supported. The plans below are for my specific miter saw, but feel free to adjust the plans to fit any saw.

Materials and supplies

3/4" Pine Plywood

3/4" MDF

Miter Saw:

1/4"x 20 Insert Nut:

1/4" x 20 Knob:

Wood Glue:


Cut List:

36" x 12" Plywood: 1 Piece

3" x 9" Plywood: 10 Pieces

3" x 9" MDF: 4 Pieces

4" x 9" Plywood: 4 Pieces

4" x 9" MDF: 2 Pieces

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