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modern builds: s.02 Ep.15

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Portable, CNC desk built from a single 3/4" plywood sheet. Designed by Mike Montgomery
Portable, CNC desk built from a single 3/4" plywood sheet. Designed by Mike Montgomery

My podcast: The Modern Maker Podcast started a single sheet plywood challenge. The name really gets the point across; build something cool using no more than one sheet of plywood. Any thickness, any species, and if you need to add a little something here or there, that's fine.

I started brainstorming ideas for a plywood desk that could be made from one sheet of plywood. It was a nice day outside and I thought to myself "it would be nice if I could work outside today." Thus the necessity for a portable desk was born. At first, I thought I could use leather straps to hold the legs to the bottom of the table , but while I was at home depot getting the sheet of plywood I saw neodymium magnets and how strong their bond was, and went with those. The shape came from ingesting a lot of images from Ben Uyeda's pinterest boards. I was inspired by the negative space you're able to create.. plus it reduces overall weight, which is a win win. 

There were a few challenges, which I went over in the video. I think those could be negated with another stretcher or two.

I designed everything in sketchup and cut it on Chris Salamone's X-Carve from Inventables. It was a good learning experience. Because I didn't make a super-stable design, I won't be sharing the sketchup file I designed. Thanks.

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