round coffee table with a pattern

modern builds: s.02 Ep.43

I built this project at my buddy Chris Salamone’s shop. He’s a great woodworker and it was fun being in a shop so well equipped. If you’d like to build this table, I’ve included an image with some basic info. Unfortunately, I don’t have the table with me to reference the exact pattern I made with the relief cuts, but I do know I started by spacing them out every 1/4” of an inch, then began increasing the spacing periodically by 1/8-1/4”. Sorry I’m not more help here, I guess it’s a good opportunity to be creative :)

Honestly, the video is a lot better resource than the “plans”

Pinning my projects helps spread the word! Thanks in advance :)

Modern Builds Round Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs | How to

Stuff I used:

2" Thick White Oak

Hairping Legs:

Circle Cutting Jig:

Flush Trim Bit:

3/8" Doweling Jig:

India Ink:

Kreg ACS:

Silicone Glue Brush:

Gorilla Wood Glue:


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